The Highland Heavy Games in Belfast

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Yesterday in Belfast the last day of the 2015 Maine Celtic Celebration took place with several athletes competing in the Highland Heavy Games. There included games involving having to throw large stones and throwing heavy weights attached to chains. Not to mention tossing cabers and Scottish hammers. Big lads eh?

There was pipe band music to be found throughout the day which is always appreciated as you can find here. Pipers taken the day off playing wedding music to share their talents with an new audience is always a cool thing.

Whilst I didn’t make it myself I read that something called the New World Cheese Roll Championships took place which sounds crazy and interesting. Apparently different age groups chase rolls of cheese down a big hill, assuming the first to get to it is the winner. Are there videos of this event I hear you cry, to which I say of course there are, albeit I couldn’t find any from specifically yesterday there are tons of cheese rolling videos to be found on youtube.

It looks mental.

Anyhow it looked like a fun day out for families in Belfast and I really loved that bagpipers were doing there thing. More information about the event can be found here!

Did you catch any Scottish pipers (or any pipers really) this week? Let us know in the comments below! Did you have anyone play at your wedding? Any Scottish wedding piper stories are always appriciated!

Flashback: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs at T in the Park

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Seeing as the festival was just this past weekend I thought I’ share with you one of my favourite memories of T in the Parks from the past. 6 years ago in 2009 the mighty New York rockers The Yeah Yeah Yeahs played the main stage of T in the Park and brought with them the East Kilbride Pipe Band to help in there rendition of ‘Skeletons.’


That’s right, pretty much at their peak Karen O and friends played one of their best songs with a pipe accompaniment! It was a pretty cool moment from one of the coolest live acts I’ve ever seen and the crowd went mad for it!

I did a wee google search and was able to find the performance in question which you can watch below. It’s pretty crazy to me that it was 6 years ago, the landscape of popular music has changed pretty dramatically in that time. I had a look at the line up for this years T in the Park and barely saw anyone I’d be interested in seeing, although based on reports of the state of the new site i’d say I dodged a bullet not going this year.

What are your favourite T in the Park moments? Any of them involving bagpipes? Share in the comments below!