Lidl £12.99 Bagpipes

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These have apparently been a thing since at least the start of the year! The supermarket Lidl has been selling inexpensive bagpipes for over half a year and in the Daily Record article I’m shamelessly taking a lot of my information from (an article that can be found here.) the director of the National Piping Centre, Alisdair McLaren, had positive things to say about them! He said;

“A basic set of pipes costs around £700 so at £12.99 they are definitely worth the money, even though the sound is more like what you would get from a practice chanter.

“They are a bit of fun and if a young person then wants to learn the pipes properly that can only be a positive thing.”

Can’t argue with that, the price of a basic set could scare off a lot of people before they’ve even begun to take up the pastime. Hopefully the introduction of a cheaper alternative will help a few people to pick the bagpipes up, keep piping alive and well and maybe introduce us to some new Scottish wedding pipers down the road.

The video below see’s the Scottish National Youth Pipe Band try them out and have fun in the process:

What do you think about the Lidl pipes? Have you had an opportunity to play them yourselves? Are they any good or a bit rubbish? As ever feel free to let us know in the comments below.


The Garden of Cosmic Speculation


Spent a cold but very worthwhile Sunday wandering around the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Dumfries, south of Glasgow. The garden is private but usually opens on one day each year through Scotland’s Gardens Scheme and raises money for Maggie’s Centres, a cancer care charity named for Maggie Keswick Jencks, the late wife of  the gardens designer Charles Jencks. Yesterday hundreds of people braved a very wet and chilly Sunday afternoon to come down and have a wander around. Why is the place such a big deal? Check out some of these pictures:



12_GOCS_Birchbone_Garden 01(1)_720_tcm4-666089


Pretty incredible right?

It’s easily one of the most beautiful and unique places I’ve seen in Scotland (which is saying something) and the hours flew by exploring the 30 or so acres of the garden.


There was also some musical entertainment to be found including a local choir and (probably unsurprising based on the theme of the blog on Scottish wedding pipers) a group of young pipers entertaining the crowds of people that had come down for the day. It was a wonderful experience walking around the garden to the tune of Amazing Grace by the group of pipers, unfortunately I didn’t get a recording (although I noticed a few others in the crowd that were recording.) If I find a recording I’ll make sure to post it onto the blog sooner rather than later.


For more information about the Garden of Cosmic Speculation you can head here!the-garden-of-cosmic-speculation or here

For more information on the charity Maggie’s Centres head here:

Piper Spotlight


Check out this piper, he’s the Elite Bands Pipe Major, Stuart! This Scottish wedding piper looks the part and is one of the best Pipers we’ve come across in Scotland and is available for weddings, functions and corporate events. Check out this video of Stuart performing solo here:

With a little bit of exploring on YouTube we also found this 10 piece pipe band also available through Elite Bands. This tartan wearing ensemble perform at weddings, functions and corporate events and give an amazingly traditional feel to any Scottish or Scottish themed day or evening. We’re big fans, can you imagine having this at your wedding? It would add a special, prestigious moment to your big day!

Both of the Pipe Major and the 10 piece pipe band can be booked through Elite Bands website, specifically through the band checker which allows the booker to know instantly whether or not the act will be available for the dates they are looking for! Elite Bands can be found here: and more details about the Piper can be found here:

What do you guys think? Send us some videos of your favourite pipers in the comments section below.